We all get sent those Monday morning ‘motivation memes’ on social media. Monday comes and we have to shift into gear! First of all, we have to get focused again for the week ahead. Then clear our minds of all the family and life worries and think solely of what is required of us in the workplace! Certainly, it is both the employer and employee’s responsibility to make sure this happens!

Performance management is a thing of the past and studies have shown that they do not produce good results. There is a better way than the outdated annual review. Ongoing conversations, mentorship and relationship are what will build a strongly motivated workforce.

    1. Find Purpose

To have motivation in the workplace, one needs a purpose first and foremost. This might be difficult at first but focus on where you have a unique impact. Maybe you are on this path for a greater purpose. This current job could be a stepping stone in the right direction. According to the 2015 Workforce Purpose Index Women and People over 55 are more likely to be purpose orientated workers. They tend to take ownership of their relative jobs and show up in a big way! Most noteworthy is that people who have purpose want to achieve well and perform better in the work environment. They also tend to be leaders and leaders produce results.

    1. Set Goals

Setting clear goals and milestones gives one something to work towards and celebrate once that goal has been reached. Make them achievable and realistic. Give yourself a time frame. Goals help you to stay motivated and give a clear guideline of the tasks set before you. Goals enable one to delegate tasks accurately. According to Gallup 30% of employees strongly agree that their manager involves them in goal setting. Allow everyone to get involved in setting goals. Be ‘smart’ about goal setting.






Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ~ Pablo Picasso

    1. Treat people well

Treating people with respect, dignity and equality go a long way. As the saying goes, you will attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. The flies symbolise your goals, you will achieve them by being kind not by whipping people into shape. Be a good listener and listen to employee complaints. It may even help you improve your business strategies. Get personal and give tasks to people who have skills in a certain area. Do not always point out weaknesses but rather encourage and develop strengths. Employers need to be transparent and trustworthy to gain respect. Communication is key. My husband always says, “Assumption is the Father of all mistakes”. Being forthright and clear and being able to have conversations will avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

    1. Provide opportunities for teamwork

Teamwork is an intrinsic motivator! Pulling together and using each other’s strengths. It helps employees look at the bigger picture. It provides a gateway to new ideas and many hands make light work! There is productivity in teamwork! Some companies do team building exercises which build comradeship and forces people to want to achieve well together to achieve a common outcome or goal. Teamwork provides a platform of trust and communication which creates a synergous working environment. Provide a collaborative working space where people feel free and even excited to share ideas.

    1. Reward a Job well done

We often tell others what they are doing wrong! It’s easy to find fault but not helpful. Rewarding employees is hugely important as they want to feel of value and that they are having an impact. An annual bonus is one way but this cannot be the only way, smaller incentives would be helpful as well. A lunch or small gifts to show appreciation will be of great value! Give recognition where it is due. Offer words of praise and encouragement. Provide inspiration. Say Thank you.

    1. Take breaks

In the book “The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World” by Dr. Gazzaley, a neuroscientist, and Dr. Rosen, a psychologist, It states that taking breaks reduces mental fatigue and boosts brain function. It is significant to set reasonable working hours. Allow for time off and even create breaks in the work environment. Not for slacking off but to re-energise and re-focus. Make sure healthy snack options are available or on sale. Food feeds the brain and gives much-needed energy to your workers. Energy equals productivity. Do not overwork your employees. Tired employees are of no use to you. Encourage them to stay healthy as this ensures people are not always sick. Being on sick leave adds a burden onto everyone else in the company. Do off site activities together, run fun contests, whatever you can think of creatively that will kill monotony and boredom.

    1. Have a good attitude

Try to have a positive outlook in all you do. Have fun. Times are changing. Embrace the change. Grow with it. Be relevant. Long formal emails are being replaced with short messages including emojis on whats app and snap chat! I was watching Grey’s Anatomy where one of the characters stood in a superhero stance pose with hands on hips looking up to the sky before going into surgery. We laugh but what a great statement to make! I can do this! I am powerful! I have got this!

In conclusion, to stay motivated takes some work and maybe some stepping outside of our comfort zones. For both employer and employee, it involves teamwork, collaboration, trust, goals and a sense of purpose! Motivation requires a mindset change. A shift in focus. Remind ourselves why we are working so hard.

“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep the faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” Hillary Clinton,


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