About Me

I am a tortoise in a world full of hares. Life is going to fast for me. I’m a daydreamer, a bibliophile, a hippie. Sometimes I wake up from my reverie and wonder, ‘Have I time travelled?’ Now you may think you don’t want to hire a tortoise, she is too slow. You need someone who can work quickly and make deadlines, well how does that old fable end?. Slow and steady wins the race! I thus have the ability to work under pressure and achieve the goals set by my client. What is unique about me? I am a leader, a teacher, a mom and a writer. I have written for about 12 years now in a wide variety of niches, clients include Toon Crier. Inspired Women and Kingdom TV.I have big opinions! I have a lot to say! Just give me a soapbox. I care about the content I write about. I throw myself all in adding a creative flair to everything I do.


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