Empath definition:

(chiefly in science fiction) “a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.”
😂 I laugh at this explanation /definition. Because it means I must be science fiction.😂😂😂 Previously thought insane by those with degrees but lack understanding.

I tend to be over the top!Extreme and wild.Why am I too much? Why do I love too much? It’s because I was loved very little in my life and know what that feels like to be abandoned and rejected. We need to show our love in action.Yes words are great too but without action they just fall empty. I don’t want to regret one day of my life. I want to know I have lived it to the full!

What does it feel like to be an Empath?

I was chatting with a few friends lately and the topic of being high on weed came up a couple times. I have never tried it myself and found it interesting when people described what it is like.
They say they are aware of everything around them, their feelings are heightened and things move at a slower pace in their minds. Now…. I started to think, this is honestly how I feel on a daily basis. Truly. I already feel like that daily! Those who know me even joke how I’m in space all the time etc. I would hate to think what would happen to me if I tried weed!! I think I might die! I already feel everyone’s emotions around me quite intensely. I’ve only started understand how unique and abnormal this is..😂 They also describe having the munchies and oh my gosh. That is me! Like I have said before FOOD is my love language!

So now you know a little bit of what is like to be me…❤ .I will leave you with a little poem I wrote ….


We have a massive heart

A heart of flesh

Pumping love

It loves beyond measure


Feeling every emotion it is surrounded by

It feels your LOVE but also your








Flesh cannot become stone

but we try to harden our hearts

Its futile and stupid

but we try!


Because all this emotion is too much to bear!

We take it all in without thought

A room full of people is like a warzone for us

At war with ourselves

Trying to numb the senses and yet we want to feel it all too

raw emotion is power

and power is dangerous

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