I am so grateful for the Facebook group Black Swan connect. It is a group run by an incredible woman, Michelle Fouche who runs a business called Trade and Lateral. Black Swan is an extension of that and helps women in business to thrive. Michelle has been challenging us to use video in our marketing. As part of that challenge, she chose 15 of us to attend an exclusive event. We listened to two guest speakers in the beautiful surroundings of The Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga. Breathtaking. Cheryl Leather spoke to us about money /tax and business plans.  Mpume Langa shared her story of success and how big business can help small business. Lots of tears and even more laughter but we all walked away with some gold nuggets!

I took away 3 things.

  1. Set a goal. Know exactly what you want. Put a number on it. We entrepreneurs tend to hustle and live from moment to moment but if we find our true north we will be more likely to make our targets.
  2. Do not think too small. Think Big. Believe you can do better. We all struggle to value ourselves but we all have unique talents and skills or services we can offer.
  3. Include your children. Let them see your hard work and train them up to also be entrepreneurs.

I loved every moment and have already been implementing changes. We get by with a little help from our friends …


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