A Hat for Ivan

Author: Max Lucado

Illustrations by: David Wenzel

Everyone in the village wears a hat that best describes what they love to do, and who they are. Ivan is very excited because he is about to receive his special hat but things don’t go exactly the way he had planned. The grown-ups all have their own opinion as to what hat he should wear. Ivan doesn’t stay confused for too long because his father, the hat maker, teaches him that there is only one hat made just for him.

This is a lovely, warm-hearted, children’s book. They learn the importance of being themselves and not trying to please everyone around them.

Max Lucado is a best selling and award winning author as well as a devoted father to 3 daughters. David Wenzel is recognised for illustrating many children’s books as well as J.R.R Tolkiens The hobbit.

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