People often ask me how I can homeschool or be with my kids 24/7. I love spending time with my boys. Yes, they drive me dilly some days. (  so did a class of 17 3-year-olds when I was teaching.)  But I KNOW that God had called me to raise them in His ways and that is difficult to do when you send them off to someone else for at least 5 hours a day.

“All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.” Isaiah 54:13

Eternity is in our hearts

God spoke very clearly to me in 2000 and 2005. So that’s what gets me through the tough days, knowing I am in the centre of His will. I haven’t had all the answers but God does. Trusting him fully for 14 years! As the years went on I discovered that Tirian had auditory processing issues and Ethan was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The wonderful thing is God knew this before I did and provided the best learning environment for them. Yes, it is a sacrifice. We are basically a one income family. We had many struggles but you know what? I would not give it up for anything! Why? Because eternity is in my heart.

Connect with God

I have gone a bit crazy at times, but that was when my focus was not on God. When I looked to man and compared my children with the world view. This is where my husband helps me a lot! He reminds me to look up! Making sure that I do look after myself because I have broken down when I have given out 500% of myself and put nothing back. I realised soon that I have to replenish my tank. I make sure I spend time with my Jesus daily, (for me it is not an hour devotional time but a lifestyle)Sometimes I worship while I wash dishes. Reading my bible usually at 11 pm at night, as that is when it’s quiet and still and I can hear God speaking. Self Care is not about how you dress and how you look and getting your hair done! While that is wonderful and anyone reading this, I would love a pamper session for my birthday coming up. But Self care is about connecting with God.

We built on character and on their relationships with God. Leading a quiet life, a life that focused on their strengths. A life that is fully surrendered. Not just parts but all! Trusting in Him daily! I am so proud of my 3 boys and who they have become! They are amazing kids! Not perfect but just amazing! They love the Lord and walk in his ways. What else is there?

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