Love for books:

  • Firstly, if you don’t love reading start reading yourself. Let them see you reading books; they will imitate what you do.
  • Create in them a love for books by reading to them. I know sometimes that is the last thing you feel like doing before bedtime because you are so exhausted yourself but you can choose short stories and it can literally take 5-10 mins.
  • Get books from the library every 2 weeks. Choose topics they are interested in whether it be books on dinosaurs, space or flowers and gardening.
  • Take them to the library just to look through books and sit down and read together.
  • Buy a new book for them every so often; there is something so special about new books!
  • When reading together snuggle up with a hot chocolate under a blanket and make it comfortable.

Learning to read/beginner readers:

  • Helping with homework, remember this… TO, WITH AND BY. Read to them, read it together and then let them attempt it on their own. This really does help with children who struggle because they hear the rhythm and flow of the words and also helps with memory.
  • Be patient and make corrections at the end.
  • Help them to recognise street names, grocery labels in the shop e.g. MILK, BREAD, CHEESE.
  • Read poems or make up poems with a definite rhyme to it. This helps with audio-perception needed for reading.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT! Always praise there good work and tell them “you can read”
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