When I was in high school I remember having to do a writing assignment and I chose to do mine on "Jim Morrison and The Doors" It was here where I discovered my love for writing as I penned the psychological profile of this man who lived out William Blake's quote "If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear to man as it truly is, infinite" I wrote about how through drugs ,music and witchcraft, Jim Morrison thought he was cleansing his soul but instead he destroyed it. I didn't give any thought or time to writing until I was working in a preschool and I decided to write a children's book. It was called "The Zebra Shell" and was a silly story but I was proud of it. I did my own illustrations and created a PDF version of it but nothing ever came of it. I just read it to my children when they were little. I am such a disorganised writer that I subsequently lost the PDF version but still have all my original hand painted illustrations and original hand writing. I had also created a you tube clip of the story but lost that as well. Bear in mind this was all 20 years ago. I eventually found it as a word document somewhere in my shambolic filing system. Here it is:

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