‘The Talk’

With regards to ‘the talk’ I just have to speak my mind here a little. Lately, I have been involved in many discussions around teens, social media and pornography. Mainly coming from statistics! I’m sorry but when have we ever taken our morals and values from stats. No! I look to God and the Word. Teach your children to love and live for God. He will help them make the right choices in life. We can not protect our kids from everything. We have to put our trust in God. He is Sovereign!

Social Media

Even if they don’t have a cell phone. They are assaulted with sexual and seductive music videos just when walking into Steers. It’s all around. We have to teach them to think for themselves. Teach our boys to value women. Teach them what is right. Show them the light! Light expels darkness! I don’t buy this 8 is too late stuff either! There is this thought out there that you MUST have the sex talk with them before 8 years old!!! You make a decision to have the talk when it is right for your family! My Bible says Do not awaken love until it so desires! If you think that age is 8 then go ahead. I refuse to expose my children to things before they are ready! Just because they may see it somewhere else. No that is a ridiculous reason. It’s like giving someone antibiotics in case they may get sick? It makes no sense.

Ongoing conversations

Have ongoing conversations with them not just one. I remember when my boys were little and watching the A -team and Face was kissing a new girl each week. It came up so we spoke about it. I said that God doesn’t want them kissing new girls every week. We spoke about marriage and how it’s special with that one person. We spoke about what age they could have a girlfriend and why not before. That it’s about finding a life partner as God intended not playing the field and hurting people in the process. That is just one example of many.

Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deut 11:19

Finally, above all stop judging each other’s parenting. Each family is unique and that is actually OK! I think all I am saying is. Get your parenting cues from God and not from man. From the word and not from pop up books. From the holy spirit not from sensationalism and stats!