I have , along with many friends and members of my family been faithful customers of Chez Nous for many years! I have spent many a ladies night, birthday , mother’s day or father’s day enjoying what Chez Nous provides. I have raved about the food and service. So it was very surprising to me when I did not receive the same excellence of service.

So what went down?

I decided to take my mother out for a special treat and seeing the half-price special you had on, we chose your establishment. The only consolation of the evening was the bottle of wine, and Sonny boy, your very friendly and attentive waiter. We ordered off the main menu as stipulated in your special, I ordered the 200g rump Casablanca sauce and my mom ordered the 200g rump surf and turf. Now my mom’s steak looked like a 100g steak and was very tough, She had ordered it Medium and it was overdone. We sent back her steak to be redone/She had only eaten the 2 prawns, it came back with only 4 strips of calamari, much less than she originally had on her plate. My Steak was ok but it was a terrible cut of meat and there was no avo on my sauce. I complained and the manager brought me a plate with avo. Now already I am upset but trying not to let it ruin our evening. We then ordered coffee and shortly after asked for the bill. When it came I saw there was an error as not the whole main meal was half price. The waiter explained that your special does not apply to the sides. Here I must point out why I am so angry! The sides you are referring to are on the main menu section. It is false advertising and very leading. Then I had your very stroppy manager come and try to explain it to me. She was in fact very rude and had a bad attitude. She gave me the discount in the end but then I learned she was docking it off the waiter’s pay!!! This made me furious as he was the only one I was happy with the entire evening!

Needless to say, that is wrong and exploitative. It was not his fault. If I had known that this special did not apply to the entire main menu as advertised. I would have gone elsewhere or actually even ordered something else.

Hire a good copywriter…

The advert which attracted me read :

“Tonight is LADIES NIGHT at Chez Nous Westville. Ladies dining with ladies get 50% OFF MAIN MEALS. Call 031 266 7011 to book your table”

It should have read:

“Tonight is LADIES NIGHT at Chez Nous Westville. Ladies dining with ladies get 50% OFF some of our MAIN MEALS Call 031 266 7011 to book your table”

Finally ,I would like to add it is not about the money for me but the principle of false advertising, very bad management and the exploitation of good waiters who have done a great job. I was very dissapointed.

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