5 Benefits of Blogging for your Business

Start the new year right by giving your business website a blog makeover! Do you have a blog page on your business website? If you don’t, you need one! Consistent and authentic content gives google algorithms something to index ensuring it appears higher in ranking on the search results page!

I have been reading up on the latest social media trends for 2020 and let me tell you it is always changing, first having a Facebook page was all the rage then Instagram and the use of macro-influencers was a thing! Now we hearing about TIK TOK and the importance of video on your social media. Nano influencers will be more relevant in 2020 as they have a much more specific and targeted audience.

All this aside, all social media is not actually owned by you but your website is yours! You own it! So in this ever-changing climate of social media Content is King. I am running this special if you sign up in January. YOU WILL ALSO BE FEATURED IN WWW.KZNDURBAN.CO.ZA  Contact me for more information.

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