Too often women are expected to keep silent, over little issues and big issues. The scriptures are often taken out of context. I think too many people are so busy being politically correct no one is saying anything of value anymore.We need to speak up, stand up for our friends when they are wronged and not be afraid to make preverbial waves!

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”Martin Luther King Jr


I cannot take any form of abuse or injustice! I will always stand up against bullies, whether it is my fight or for someone else. This often gets me into trouble because people don’t expect it! They expect you to keep silent. To not make waves. If I have been verbally abused by someone of course I will stand up for myself! I am not talking about swearing and shouting at them , I am talking about helping them see their actions are wrong and even get them to apologise. Even if they don’t see it , I will speak out against wrong doing!

If your child is bullied at school are you going to just leave it or do something about it? I would bet you would do something! You would make a meeting with the teacher and/or the parents of the child. Why? Because it is an injustice! If another business copies your business . The name is similar, they post to Instagram they same as you, they steal your business and bad mouth you. What are you going to do? You will speak out!fight! Stand up for yourself!

The dinner table

We have all heard that you not supposed to bring up religion or politics at the dinner table?

They don’t want to talk about things that put them in an uncomfortable position. When you stand up for your belief system , you often offend people unwittingly. People want to avoid topics because they don’t want to be challenged or wrong. My advice in these situations is that’s it’s actually OK to have a different opinion to someone. You may not agree but it doesn’t have to make you enemies. You can still love that person.

An example is children and devices. Some moms don’t allow their children to go on cell phones, or play x box. Others do it in moderation and even others allow it with no moderation at all. Does it mean we cant be friends now because we parent differently?This is ridiculous to me. Its also judgmental and self righteous and not how God wants us to be. Speak up, share your opinions and love one another while doing it! It is possible!

In the Church

This is a big issue, but basically 1 Timothy2:12 says that Women must be silent in church and not have authority over men but this scripture is abused and misused out of context. The word for silence used in this text is hesuchia which refers the “quiet life”a christian should lead. The context is false teaching and it is Pauls words to a particular chuch not God’s commands for all women ,everywhere through all time! In 1 Cor. 11:5; 14:1-18 women are expected to operate in the gifts of the spirit and prophecy. How can they do this if they are to remain silent?Gal 3:28 says there is no male or female, that we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Women bless the church immensly! They often hear God speaking and can edify and encourage the church and its members! They are treasures not to be overlooked!

Dont be silent women!Speak up! Arise! You have value and a voice! Use it!

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